Don Bunch

Don Bunch

Advanced Talent Solutions Specialist
IBM Solution Executive, North America


I specialize in helping HR teams with Advanced Talent technology solutions for enterprise customers on IBM and non-IBM platforms.

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I have curated some of what I believe to be our best brochures, short videos, demos and helpful information below. Please peruse to find great information regarding our IBM Talent Solutions.


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This AI deck below has some notable statistics.

If you have not updated your Job Descriptions in many years or have a project inflight to do just that... check out our Talent Frameworks Publisher tool below.
ATS / HRIS agnostic. When you begin to use AI in your HR systems it needs
good data to learn from and build upon. If you have old or inaccurate data, its likely you wont get the results you expect.
The tool below helps manage your skills inventory with an easy interface.

Make Some Moves... - Go

We do 26M Assessments a year... - Go

Evaluating Assessments ... - Go

Watson Candidate Assistant Do you need a sample WCA project plan?
How hard can it be?
How long does it take?
The implementation falls into the 'super easy' category.

You've come this far... how about a look at some Assessments.

Weed out the obvious bad fits.. - Go

Backed by strong scientific evidence.. - Go

Not everyone will make a great Manager.. . - Go

Whats it like to set up and Administer Watson Candidate Assistant? Is it really easy?

See it in action.. click the link below.

Ask Watson

When is the last time your organization modernized your Job Descriptions and Skills inventory?

Sample half day workshop

Available Watson Talent Consulting

How Organizations Identify and Hire Great Talent

Watson Recruitment Brochure

Watson Career Coach Brochure

Watson Candidate Assistant Brochure

Talent Executives Browse the Information Below

Talent Executives Browse the Information Below

What is Adverse Impact.. - Go

Preparing your data for Adverse Impact.. - Go

Creating an Adverse Impact Report.. . - Go

Review your Adverse Impact Reports

Review your Adverse Impact Reports